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What Kind of Predators Are You Dealing With?

Predator Guard fox behind wire mesh fencing and deer in forest

A predator attack on your property is aggravating and can also be expensive.

We need to understand, though, that when wild animals kill livestock or pets, or ravage your garden, they aren’t trying to ruin your day, cut into your profit, or break your heart; they’re simply struggling to survive.

Wild animals tend to be opportunistic, seeking out whatever food source is easiest to access and meet their needs.

Overall, the best approach to protect your livestock or gardens is to make predators think that attempting to eat on your property will be much harder than finding food somewhere else. You can do this by developing an understanding of each predator, and by applying non-lethal deterrents that reduce predation.

Scientists refer to predation in terms of a conflict between “food-acquisition” of the predators, and food-production or lifestyle behavior of humans. Reducing these conflicts requires changing either our behavior or the predators.

What ultimately works is applying common sense to the problem, and understanding that most predator conflicts will require a variety of techniques, used in combination, and tailored to the actual circumstances.

At Predator Guard, we offer many solutions to reduce wild animal predation. Our products act as deterrents or repellents and are designed to modify the behavior of wild animals, sending them on their way.


Solar LED Deterrent Lights

For nocturnal predators, including deer, coyote, raccoon, skunk, bear, and owls, we recommend our Solar LED Deterrent lights. These lights emulate the eyes of another predator in the darkness, creating fear, and sending wild animals running. Predator Guard Solar LED deterrent lights are automatic, switching themselves 'on' in the darkness, and 'off' in daylight. All units come with a generous 3 year warranty.


Bird Repellent Scare Tape

Any gardener knows the swift destruction a couple of birds can have on their fruit trees or crops. Likewise, boat and property owners know the mess that roosting birds can cause. Our Reflective Bird Repellent Scare Tape uses a simple deterrent method to keep birds and other daylight predators away. 

This ultra reflective material shimmers and shines in the sunlight to scare nuisance birds & animals away. Bird Scare Tape also makes a metallic noise as it flaps in the wind, frightening pest birds & wild animals.

Scare Tape is effective, long-lasting and easy to install. Tie 3' strips to poles or stakes, hang from rafters, wrap around plants - install in any area with access to light &/or wind.

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