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  • Installs in minutes, offers instant results
  • Huge 150 foot roll gives maximum coverage
  • Durable, long lasting, weather resistant
  • Humane, safe for livestock and pets
  • Inexpensive solution instantly stops mess, damage & repair costs

Use Predator Guard Scare Tape Risk Free - If our product does not work for you,simply email us, return unused portion and we'll immediately refund yourpurchase - no questions asked!

  • Cut tape into 3-foot lengths.
  • Attach 6 to 8 inches of string to one end of the tape and attach to fences, posts, masts, or trees.  This will ensure that the tape spins and flashes in the breeze.
  • For birds, mount tape above the area you are trying to protect.
  • For ground predators mount them at eye level. 
  • For gardens or enclosures, surround the area with tape at intervals of 15 to 20 feet. 

Simply attach strips of Predator Guard scare tape to areas where birds & other animals have become a nuisance and the wind and sun will move and reflect off the flash tape creating a visual and audio annoyance zone that birds & wild animals will avoid.

Please make sure that you have the tape installed above the plants in an area where the tape has access to wind and sunlight to create the maximum visual and audio annoyance. Please ensure that the tape is installed with multiple streamers above the plants or areas you are trying to protect and is able to blow around vigorously in the breeze. If you have tried this and feel that our product is not working for you, you may return it to Amazon within 30 days for a refund.

The Scare Tape must be hung in strips to flutter around in the wind. If the tape becomes stuck to the windows it will become stationary and will not cause the same repellent effect.

Many of our customers do report success using Scare Tape to deter rabbits, butevery situation is different.Once an animal knows that a reliable source of food can be found they may oftenkeep returning to that area. Placing Predator Guard Scare Tape in the area may not initially keep these animals away, as the urge to feed and the knowledge of an easy meal will take precedence. Some of our customers use a secondary repellent of blood meal and bone meal. Rabbits are herbivores and the scent of these slaughter house by-products makesthem look elsewhere for food. Both are available as fertilizer, in garden centers. Blood meal is high in nitrogen. Bone meal is also a source of nitrogen and is highin phosphorous. They break down in the soil, and will need re-application every week or two. Black pepper or hot pepper flakes have also been used to good effect - these willhave to be reapplied weekly as well.

This happens rarely, usually due to the roll of tape having become heated during shipment.You can try rolling tape lengths in opposite direction to remove curl. If thisdoesn't work we can send you an additional roll to try out.

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