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A 12-Month Warranty Policy backs it. You can return it to us within the first 30 days and receive a full refund or a replacement unit for the remaining warranty period.

This device is plug-and-play, making it convenient for anyone to use.

You can use it indoors in dens, kitchens, garages, basements, or places that need pest control and illumination.

Our policy lasts 30 days. Unfortunately, we can't refund you if 30 days have passed since your purchase. Your item must be unused, and in the same condition you received it to be eligible for a return. It must also be in the original packaging.

The PESTAWAY INDOOR ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER uses multiple electromagnetic chips that function concurrently to disrupt pests' auditory and nervous systems.

Yes, our product is both child and pet-safe and environmentally friendly.

The PESTAWAY INDOOR ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER operates silently by emitting ultrasonic sound waves designed to be inaudible to humans and pets.

Yes, they can also repel gnats and fruit flies.

Yes, ultrasonic pest repellers emit high-frequency sounds that can reduce household pest infestation.

It works 100%. However, you have to give it time. This device produces sound up to 90 Hz., which can be picked up by mice and other pests like insects, cockroaches, etc. Ultimately, this sound disorients their hearing and nervous system, forcing them to leave that location.

Any appliances should be at least 3" from the wall to allow for ventilation. That is enough space for the unit. A little farther would be better.

No, at this time, they are not designed for termites.

Yes, it does, but it will not affect electronics.

The PESTAWAY INDOOR ULTRASONIC PEST REPELLER repels mice, rats, roaches, spiders, and small rodents. Unfortunately, it won't work with bed bugs.

No, at this time, they are not designed for defense against scorpions.

The device can fully cover an average-sized room spanning up to 1200 square feet. Nonetheless, we advise using two units for more extensive areas to ensure the most effective coverage.

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