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This device is plug-and-play, making it convenient for anyone to use.

It is a well-designed and adequately solar-powered device. It is a reliable and sustainable source of power.

Place the device in an area that receives direct sunlight. The solar panel should be facing the sun and free of any obstructions that may block the sunlight. Avoid putting the device in scorching temperatures, which can damage the battery.

The unit can operate for up to 25 days with a full charge and minimal sunlight.

The device is animal cruelty-free and doesn't kill snakes or other burrowing animals. Instead, it emits sonic vibrations and other unpleasant stimuli to deter pests such as mice, snakes, and moles from its area. Using these devices responsibly is crucial to ensure safe and effective use without causing harm to any animals, including snakes.

To function correctly, install the device on the ground without any obstacles that could interfere with its operation. It's essential to ensure the device is correctly installed without any hindrances to achieve the desired effect.

Our device emits sonic vibrations and other stimuli designed to be unpleasant for pests like moles and mice. It operates at frequencies beyond the range of human and most animal hearing. However, some dogs may be able to hear the sounds produced by the device, particularly if they have sensitive hearing or the device is placed very close to them. In most cases, the sounds emitted by the repeller are not harmful to dogs but may be irritating or uncomfortable. If you have concerns about the effect of the device on your dog or other pets, it's best to consult with a veterinarian or animal behavior specialist for advice.

Our product line consists of only solar-powered devices, but we're developing new products to cater to a broader range of consumers.

We advise planting the device at ground level with a depth of approximately 6 to 8 feet deep. Additionally, the device should be plated at about 30' to 45' apart for best results.

It is advisable to remove the device before mowing.

We designed our product to scare away underground and ground rodents and snakes. Squirrels live primarily in trees; the device can drive the squirrel away when it is on the ground.

Our device will help you get rid of snakes. The device emits vibration in the ground, which scares away snakes.

It is better not to leave your devices for the winter if you have a freezing winter.

Freezing water can damage the body of the device.

Yes. It will help scare away the groundhog due to the sound and vibration of the repeller.

They must be placed with a grid so that the vibration pulses cover the entire area.

The device should help against lizards too. Lizards are sensitive to vibration, similar to snakes.

Our device prevents possums from settling in your territory unless they stay on a nearby tree or a tree in your yard. The device does not work on pets.

Our device has a solar battery, the energy from which is accumulated and used to operate the repeller.

Four to five hours is enough to charge the device.

One full charge requires 8 hours of sunlight, enough for 25 days of device operation.

Our device does not help against armadillos.


Yes, it helps against marmots and other rodents living in the ground, and it also helps against snakes.

No, the devices do not go into silent mode. These sounds are emitted as a result of the operation of the device when it vibrates on the ground. Over time, the sound should become quieter once it adjusts to the compacted soil.

The device can scare away rodents that build their burrows in the ground (for example, moles, gophers, rabbits, and others), as well as snakes, as they are susceptible to vibrations emitted by the device.

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