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Raccoon Prevention 101: How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Property

Raccoon Prevention 101: How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Property

As we head into the warmer months, raccoons become more active and are on the lookout for easy so...
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Predator Guard fox behind wire mesh fencing and deer in forest

What Kind of Predators Are You Dealing With?

A predator attack on your property is aggravating and can also be expensive. We need to understa...
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Predator Guard mountain lion in trap with its mouth wide open

Utah Officers Bravely Help Free Cougar From Trap

When Utah conservation officers heard that there was a cougar caught in a trap, they were determ...
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Predator Guard yard checklist with woman cleaning up the yard

Clean Up Your Yard!

Before deploying any deterrent or repellent devices, make sure your home, garden and yard is free...
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Predator Guard three pronged strategy to a pest free yard

The 3 Pronged Strategy To A Pest Free Yard

1. Remove Attractants If unwanted wild animals are frequenting your home or garden, there is at...
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Predator Guard owl butterfly

Predator-Deterrent Lights Trigger Wild Animals' Deepest Fears

In the wild, many creatures leverage fear to safeguard themselves. As a defensive measure, many s...
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Predator Guard close up of snow leapard

Predator Guard Saves Snow Leopards in Mongolia

In the misty mountain ranges of Mongolia, Predator Guard is helping local herder families preserv...
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Predator Guard YouTube review

Predator Guard Review for Backyard Chickens

Scott from the popular Facebook group Backyard Chickens just posted a YouTube video to demonstra...
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