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Predator-Deterrent Lights Trigger Wild Animals' Deepest Fears

Predator Guard owl butterfly

In the wild, many creatures leverage fear to safeguard themselves. As a defensive measure, many species of insects and fish bear one or more huge eyespots on their bodies.

The Owl butterfly's wings display impressive markings that mimic the eyes of a much larger creature, while young damselfish deceive predators with fake eyes on their bodies.

These large and dark circles effectively replicate the look of an imposing animal - but in reality, they are just cleverly designed defense mechanisms.

Consequently, predators are startled or scared away without having to attack or create destruction.

What is perhaps the most powerful weapon against wild animals looking to disturb your property? Predator-deterrent lights. These special lights trigger a wild animal's deepest fear of being discovered and hunted down by predators.

In this article, we'll discuss why predator-deterrent lights are effective for scaring away wild animals.

How LED Deterrent Lights Keep Predators Away

Predator-deterrent lights are a combination of special LED technology and motion sensors. The sensors detect movement in the area, sending out a beam of light that resembles the glowing eyes of an animal or bird. This has been scientifically proven to be effective in causing natural predators to flee the area.

The lights work by mimicking the natural fear response of many wild animals. They believe they are being watched by a predator and flee the area to save themselves from potential harm.

Why use LED lights to deter predators?

Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights are extremely efficient. They produce far less heat than regular bulbs and consume much less energy. This is an important consideration when using lights to deter wild animals, as the heat generated by traditional lighting attracts more animals - not fewer!

Likewise, the bright light emitted by LEDs has a powerful effect on wildlife day and night. The light alerts animals to potential danger, quickly sending them running in the opposite direction.

How does it work?

These lights are specifically designed to mimic the bright eye shine of a predator, causing an animal to retreat quickly away from a property. The lights are usually solar-powered and can be activated by motion sensors, allowing them to come on when an animal approaches.

Since the lights only activate when movement is detected, they won't disrupt your sleep or bother you in any way. They also don't use electricity, making them more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Ultimately, predator-deterrent lights offer an effective and humane way to keep wild animals away from your property. So if you're in need of a reliable solution for keeping wild animals at bay, consider investing in these special lights.

Why Predator Guard?

Predator Guard's deterrent lights offer a humane and helpful alternative to more lethal pest control practices, enabling gardeners, livestock owners, and farmers to rest peacefully at night.

What are the Features of Predator Guard?

  • Durable and weatherproof construction means lights can withstand harsh conditions;
  • This device emits a brilliant flash of light through two red LED lights to trick animals into believing it is an intimidating predator's eyes.
  • No maintenance is required - install, activate, and let the lights do the work.
  • The mounting height of the light is adjustable, making it suitable for various locations.

In summary, Predator Guard's deterrent lights offer a fast, effective, and humane solution for keeping wild animals at bay. Not only are they cost-effective and eco-friendly, but they also have no harmful effects on wildlife - allowing us to protect our properties without having to attack or create destruction.

How to Use Predator Guard Deterrent Lights

  1. Remove attractants and food sources: Remove food sources and any vegetation that may attract wildlife near your home.
  2. Secure the area: Secure your property with fences, gates, and other barriers to prevent animals from entering. Predators are always searching for an easy meal, so if they find that your chicken coop is unlocked or a bird feeder is within reach, you can be sure they will keep coming back. Keep your trash cans secure with tie-downs, make sure bird feeders are not accessible, and lock chicken coops and pens each night for added safety.
  3. Install the lights: Position the lights in areas where wildlife is most likely to enter. To successfully keep away unwanted visitors, you must place Predator Guard lights between 1-8 feet above the ground. These can be mounted on fence posts, walls, or external surfaces. For the ultimate protection against predators, mount four units facing in all directions. This will help ensure they stay far away and give you peace of mind.
  4. Pick the best location: Predator Guard units must be exposed to 4-5 hours of direct sunlight each day to ensure optimal performance. Position the devices in open and sunlit spots so they can effectively recharge their batteries. Positioning your Predator Guard lights so that any approaching predators can easily spot them is vital, as they should be mounted at the eye level of the offending creature. The visibility range for these lights extends up to a whopping 1/2 mile away - truly remarkable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do lights keep predators away?

A: Yes! Lights that mimic the eyes of a predator can effectively scare away wild animals looking to disturb your property.

Q: How do Predator Guard deterrent lights work?

A: Predator Guard lights emit a powerful flash of light via twin red LED lights alerting predators to potential danger nearby. They are solar-powered, eco-friendly, and weatherproof, ensuring a reliable solution for keeping predators away.

Q: Are Predator Guard deterrent lights cost-effective?

A: Yes! Solar-powered devices are an energy-efficient option that will help you save on electricity costs. Additionally, the durable construction means these lights can withstand harsh conditions without needing to be replaced.

Q: Do coyote deterrent lights work?

A: Yes! Predator Guard deterrent lights work to scare away coyotes, as well as other predators, effectively. With Predator Guard deterrent lights, you can rest assured that your property and animals are safe from unwanted intruders. Enjoy a peaceful night's rest, knowing that the most advanced protection is actively working to keep predators away!