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Predator Guard close up of fox head in grassland

A quick and easy line of defense against common predators

Our backyards can be homes to some of the most common predators — fox, deer, wolves, coyotes, ra...
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Predator Guard coyote with bokeh background

This can repel nocturnal pests and predators

Many common pests and predators feed at night. Nocturnal predators use the nighttime as a ...
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Predator Guard two deer in grassland

6 Pest Control Products You Can Find on Amazon

Amazon makes it easy to shop. If you’re a fan of the platform, you’re not alone. “Each month more...
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Predator Guard two hands planting a small plant in soil with other plants

How to protect your garden from animal invaders

A garden is a labor of love. You weed, dig, plant, and water. You put forth time and energy to nu...
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Predator Guard deer eating grass

Protecting your property from hungry deer

Many of us enjoy watching deer. However, what we don’t enjoy is the deer eating our hard work. If...
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Predator Guard top view of raccoon in rocky area

7 Products for Repelling Pests and Predators

7 products for repelling pests and predatorsAre you tired of pests and predators taking over you...
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Predator Guard white and black colored goat

8 Common Goat Predators - And What You Can Do About Them

Identify the top 8 goat predators, and learn what you can do to protect them from attacks.Whethe...
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Predator Guard deer eating leaves from branch

When and How to Install A Deer Fence

When and how to install a deer fence to keep deer from eating your garden and leaving ticks in ...
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Predator Guard close up of deer in yard

How To Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

Learn how to keep deer out of your yard and away from plants effectively and safely.  Keeping d...
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Predator Guard rabbit on yard grass with small yellow flowers

Keeping Pest Animals Out Of Your Garden

Try these 10 tips for keeping pest animals out of your vegetable garden and flower beds. When y...
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Predator Guard news of coyote in yard seen through night vision

San Diego Homeowner Repels Coyote With Deterrent Lights

In his search for a humane solution to intruding coyotes, a San Diego resident recently contacted...
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Predator Guard in yard looking back

How Do Scent Repellents Keep Deer Away From Your Garden?

Learn how scent repellents keep deer away from your garden or property, and where to buy them.  ...
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Predator Guard cartoon of animal track

How To Identify Signs of Wild Animals

Learn how to identify signs of wild animals on your property by inspecting tracks and scat.   ...
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Predator Guard fox behind wire mesh fencing and deer in forest

What Kind of Predators Are You Dealing With?

A predator attack on your property is aggravating and can also be expensive. We need to understa...
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Predator Guard best deer repellent review

Deer Repellent Review - A Customer Success Story

A Predator Guard customer shares his success using Predator Guard deterrent lights as a deer rep...
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Predator Guard three pronged strategy to a pest free yard

The 3 Pronged Strategy To A Pest Free Yard

1. Remove Attractants If unwanted wild animals are frequenting your home or garden, there is at...
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Predator Guard finger pushing down on spray bottle

Natural Animal Repellents - Do They Work?

Many of us have been told by reputable sources that natural and homemade animal repellents work ...
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Predator Guard deterrent light YouTube review

Predator Guard Deterrent Light – Customer Review

One of our customer's (Thanks Kyle!) sent us a video review of his new predator deterrent light ...
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Predator Guard youtube video on predator deterrent lights

Predator Guard - Predator Deterrent Lights - How Do They Work?

How do Predator Guard predator deterrent lights work?Our explainer video shows how gardeners and...
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