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Frequently Asked Questions

Llamas, donkeys, dogs, and alpacas are all good options for guardian animals for your goats. Just remember, it's best to add the guardian animal to the herd at a young age, so they have time to bond with your goats. The success of this tactic is also heavily dependent upon the specific animals' disposition, which can make the whole thing sort of hit or miss.

In short, you can follow these steps to protect your goats from predators:

1. Keep your Property Clean

2. Install and Secure Fencing

3. Provide your Goats with Shelter

4. Get Livestock Guardian Animals

5. Install Solar LED Deterrent Lights

6. Clean up After Kiddings

7. Keep Young, Old, Sick, and Injured Goats Safe

Absolutely! Like many predators, bobcats are opportunistic and will go for any easy kill. That's why it's so important to take the steps necessary to protect your goats from falling prey to attacks.

If it's too difficult to get to your goats, bobcats (and many other animals) will likely move on in search of another food source.

Yes, especially young, injured, or otherwise weak goats. A hungry fox may even go after adult goats on occasion, though it's much more likely they'll attack during kidding season.