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Predator Guard Lights Protect Livestock From Mountain Lion Attacks

Predator Guard mountain lion in night vision

A mountain lion was recently caught on camera breaking into a Southern California livestock pen before killing eight prized pygmy goats that a youth group had been caring for.

The video shows a mountain lion leaping onto a 10-foot-high pen in a single bound at the Trabuco Trailblazer’s 4-H Club, a club at 31802 Las Amigas Drive in Trabuco Canyon. The youth-development club cared for the goats.
As upset as the members of the youth group were, they said they understood the lion was acting on instinct.

Organizers said they did their best to protect the animals with hog paneling and even a tin roof on top.

The mountain lion didn’t touch the pigs in the neighboring pens.
Wildlife veterinarian Winston Vickers said based on what he has seen in video and from the damage, the mountain lion is a male, two to three years old, and determined.

Vickers has been studying mountain lions in the Trabuco Canyon area for years. He said the animals are in-breeding, which causes their population to diminish. He’s advising ranchers to add flashing deterrent lights to protect their animals and livestock. The group has installed Predator Guard solar LED deterrent lights to keep mountain lions and other predators at a distance.

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