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Predator Guard close up of orange owl eyes with dimmed surrounding

4 ways to repel owls and hawks from your property

If an owl or hawk has set a claim on your property, it’s most likely because there’s a food sourc...
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Predator Guard two chickens eating from the grass

7 Interesting facts about chickens that will entertain you

7 interesting facts about chickens that will entertain youIf you've raised chickens, then you kn...
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Predator Guard weasel looking over while under a wooden flooring

Do Weasels Eat Chicken? - How to Protect Your Chicken Coop

Weasels are small, fast predators that can be a real threat to your chickens. They prey on small ...
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Predator Guard chicken on grass looking at the side with chickens behind eating on the grass ground

Protecting Your Backyard Chickens From Predators: Coyote Bobcat Fox Raccoon Owls Hawks

You’ve spent precious time raising your backyard chickens form day old chicks to young laying h...
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