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Do Weasels Eat Chicken? - How to Protect Your Chicken Coop

Predator Guard weasel looking over while under a wooden flooring

Weasels are small, fast predators that can be a real threat to your chickens. They prey on small animals like mice and rabbits, but do weasels eat chicken? It's important to understand the dangers posed by weasels in order to protect your flock from them.

In this article, we'll discuss whether or not weasels eat chicken and what you can do to keep your chickens safe. We'll cover the different types of weasels, their behavior, and how to identify them. Finally, we'll provide tips on how to protect your coop from these common intruders.

Will a Weasel Kill Chicken?

Weasels are considered to be one of the most dangerous predators for chickens. They have sharp claws, teeth, and a fierce streak, making them effective hunters. Will a weasel kill a chicken? In some cases, yes. Weasels will hunt for chickens if they're desperate or have easy access to your coop.

Identifying a Weasel Attack

Weasels can be challenging to identify due to their small size, but you may notice some telltale signs of their presence. Look for freshly dug areas around your coop or scattered feathers of dead chickens that the weasel has killed. Identifying weasel attacks early is the key to preventing further damage.

How to Identify a Weasel

Predator Guard - How to identify a weasel

Weasels are small and slender, usually no more than 10 inches long. Their fur is usually light brown but can range from white to black, depending on the species. They have pointed faces and tails, almond-shaped eyes, and black markings around their ears and mouths.

They usually leave markings on the ground where they've been, such as small footprints or tufts of fur. They'll also make a loud screeching sound when threatened.

Types of Weasels

There are two main types of weasels: the long-tailed and short-tailed varieties. Long-tailed weasels have a reddish-brown coat and average about 12 inches in length. Short-tailed weasels are typically white with black markings and reach up to 18 inches in length.

Long-tailed weasels are primarily found in North America, while short-tailed weasels are mainly in Europe and Asia.

Diet of a Weasel

Weasels feed mostly on small animals such as mice, voles, rabbits, and frogs. They'll also eat eggs and insects when available.

In some cases, they may turn to chickens if other food sources are scarce or they find an easy access point to the coop. So while weasels generally won't attack a chicken, there is still a risk if they can get inside your coop.

Weasel Habitat

Weasels typically inhabit wooded areas or areas near water sources. They'll also take up residence in abandoned buildings, barns, and chicken coops.

Weasel Behavior

Weasels are primarily nocturnal, so they usually hunt at night or early morning. They're also solitary animals and prefer to hunt alone. Weasels are incredibly agile and fast, which makes them effective hunters of small animals like mice, voles, and rabbits.

How to Protect Chickens from Weasels

Construct a Secure Area for the Chickens

The best way to protect your chickens from weasels is to ensure they have a secure coop with no access points for predators. Check the structure of your coop frequently and repair any holes or weak spots that weasels could access.

Keep the Area Clean

Keeping the area around your coop clean will also help deter weasels, as they'll be less likely to find a suitable hiding spot.

Install Solar-LED Deterrent Lights

Solar-LED deterrent lights can be an effective way to scare away weasels from your coop. The bright light will surprise them, and the sudden noise will startle them away. Our very own solar LED deterrent lights are an effective and humane way to scare away predators. Check out this guide on how to install solar LED deterrent lights.

Use an Animal Repeller

Animal repellents can be an effective way to keep weasels away from your coop. The scent and noise produced by the device are off-putting to predators, so they'll stay away. Predator Guard's Pestaway Ultrasonic Repeller is a waterproof and lightweight tool that keeps away cats and other animals with a motion-activated ultrasound alarm and flashing lights that provide an instant scare.

Keep your Chickens Healthy

Finally, ensure you keep your chickens well-fed and regularly monitor their health. A healthy flock of chickens is much less likely to be targeted by weasels or other predators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a weasel kill chickens?

Weasels will rarely attack chickens, but if they find an easy access point to the coop, they may try to take a bird or two.

How do I protect my chickens from weasels?

The best way to protect your chickens from weasels is to make sure they have a secure coop with no access points for predators. You can also use deterrent lights and animal repellents to keep your chickens healthy to prevent weasel attacks.

What does a weasel attack on a chicken look like?

Weasel attacks on chickens typically involve bites to the neck. The attack is usually fast and deadly, as weasels are quick and agile predators. If a weasel has recently attacked, you may find feathers scattered around the coop.

How do you keep weasels away?

By taking preventive measures such as constructing a secure area for the chickens, keeping the site clean, installing solar-LED deterrent lights, using an animal repeller, and keeping your chickens healthy, you will be able to deter weasels from the coop.


Weasels can seriously threaten chickens if they find access to your coop. The tips above will help you protect your chickens from weasel attacks and keep them safe. Remember always to check the structure of your coop for any weaknesses and take preventive measures, such as using deterrent lights or animal repellents. These methods can help keep weasels away and protect your chickens.