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No washers are needed. Once the coupler is around the pole, tighten the screws until the coupler is secured. The baffle then sits on top of the secured coupler.

It is 19" wide in total, and it has worked great.

Yes, This squirrel baffle is made with the most rigid galvanized steel and will not rust.

No, our Baffle would only fit around a round pole.

Yes. It is also suitable for snakes.

Sorry, we do not offer accessories for sale. If the hardware included in your purchase is damaged, you can contact us through the order or via email at, and we will send you replacement hardware.

The squirrel baffle is not separated. There will be a slot on the side. Please refer to our product photos for details.

Yes, you can also use a dual shepherd's hook. Make sure to install the baffle at least 4 to 5 feet off the ground and that the bottom of your bird feeders is hanging at least 12 inches above the baffle.

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