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Predator Guard mouse eating a bun with sesame seeds

How to keep wildlife out of your home and vehicles during the winter

Just like people like to find somewhere warm to camp out for the winter, many animals do the same. You may deal with rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, or other pests if you don’t take the proper precautions. 
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Predator Guard two raccoons on rocks by a river

Humane ways to deal with pest animals

You’re probably reading this because you have pest animals and/or predators that invade your yar...
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Predator Guard mouse eating bread buns with sesame seeds

Tips to send mice packing

Tips to send mice packingAre you tired of mice taking over your property? No one wants to find m...
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Predator Guard top view of raccoon in rocky area

7 Products for Repelling Pests and Predators

7 products for repelling pests and predatorsAre you tired of pests and predators taking over you...
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Predator Guard mouse on top of curved rock surface beside a plastic pot

How To Stop Rats, Mice, And Other Rodents Eating Car Wiring

Instances of rats, mice, and other rodents eating car wiring is on the rise. Learn how to deal w...
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