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Predator Guard bird flying in forest area

How to repel pest birds from your property

Many of us love birds, we may even put out feeders, houses, and baths for them. While some birds ...
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Predator Guard close up of orange owl eyes with dimmed surrounding

4 ways to repel owls and hawks from your property

If an owl or hawk has set a claim on your property, it’s most likely because there’s a food sourc...
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Predator Guard close up of fox head in grassland

A quick and easy line of defense against common predators

Our backyards can be homes to some of the most common predators — fox, deer, wolves, coyotes, ra...
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Predator Guard raccoon hiding behind grass and leaves

Protect your property and livestock from raccoons

Raccoons may look like cute, furry bandits, but they can also cause trouble. While they may have...
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