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Predator Guard close up of orange owl eyes with dimmed surrounding

4 ways to repel owls and hawks from your property

If an owl or hawk has set a claim on your property, it’s most likely because there’s a food sourc...
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Predator Guard close up of fox head in grassland

A quick and easy line of defense against common predators

Our backyards can be homes to some of the most common predators — fox, deer, wolves, coyotes, ra...
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Predator Guard coyote with bokeh background

This can repel nocturnal pests and predators

Many common pests and predators feed at night. Nocturnal predators use the nighttime as a ...
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Predator Guard two deer in grassland

6 Pest Control Products You Can Find on Amazon

Amazon makes it easy to shop. If you’re a fan of the platform, you’re not alone. “Each month more...
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Predator Guard two hands planting a small plant in soil with other plants

How to protect your garden from animal invaders

A garden is a labor of love. You weed, dig, plant, and water. You put forth time and energy to nu...
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Predator Guard bird eating from bird feeder

How to attract more birds to your feeders

How to attract more birds to your feedersThere’s something peaceful about watching the birds flu...
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Predator Guard top view of raccoon in rocky area

7 Products for Repelling Pests and Predators

7 products for repelling pests and predatorsAre you tired of pests and predators taking over you...
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Predator Guard on top of wood fence

How To Keep Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

Learn how to keep squirrels out of birdfeeders safely and humanely. Setting out bird feeders s...
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Predator Guard black bird in grass

How to Repel Birds: Bird Repellent and Deterrent Options

Birds are naturally lovely and can make for nice companions, but it's a different story when they...
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Predator Guard chicken pecking the ground and chickens looking at the side

How To Protect Chickens From Hawks

Learn how to protect chickens from hawks. Remember to cycle through different methods for the be...
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Predator Guard rabbit on yard grass with small yellow flowers

Keeping Pest Animals Out Of Your Garden

Try these 10 tips for keeping pest animals out of your vegetable garden and flower beds. When y...
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