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Repel predators with a multi-step plan

Predator Guard raccoon in wooden area
There are a few basic principles to repelling predators and pests. If you have the option, it’s important to remove any attractants from your property or at least make them harder to get to. You also want to create a space that isn’t welcoming.
Creating an unwelcoming environment means not offering pests easy places for shelter, food, and water. It means creating a space that repels or deters them. This could mean using certain sounds, sights, or smells to send them packing. Overall, the goal is to make your yard a place that predators and pests don’t want to set up camp in or revisit.
We broke down this idea in our blog about raccoons since they are notoriously difficult to deal with. In it, we talk about each step as it pertains to these pests specifically. For raccoons, you have to remove attractants, identify and repair damaged areas, and pick the proper control method based on the issue you’re dealing with. Even though this blog isn’t about raccoons, specifically, the idea is the same. You need to take several steps in order to keep pests or predators from returning.
To deter pests and predators, you need to consider not just a singular approach but multiple steps. When you just take one step, it won’t be as effective. That’s why whenever we make recommendations, we provide several options. Don’t just stop at one step and consider it done. Your methods for repelling pests and predators will be more effective if you take a proactive approach using multiple tools. Keep in mind, some pests are harder to deter than others.
So, where do you begin? Know what you’re dealing with, then create a plan. An effective plan blocks off any entry points to your home, livestock, barns, or garage. It involves removing potential attractants, like garbage cans or pet food. You also want to use a deterrent or a repellent. When you combine all of these steps, they can help keep pests off your property.
Depending on the type of animals you’re dealing with, you may not need to take every step in the plan, but some pests require more effort to ensure you’re livestock and property are protected. We recommend checking out our other blogs for tips specific to different pests and predators. To see a complete list of all the pest repellent products we offer, please visit our website or Amazon.