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Repel moles and snakes with this special product promotion!

Predator Guard mole in soil
Repel moles and snakes with this special product promotion!

Are moles, snakes, gophers, or other destructive burrowing animals invading your yard? If you’d like to send them packing, we recommend checking out PestAway Mole and Snake Repeller Stakes.
We’re actually running a great promotion from April 1st to April 25th, 2021. A two-pack of this product will be 50% off on Amazon during this time. Once you click the provided link and make your purchase use the coupon code: 50SNAKEMOLE.
What are PestAway Mole and Snake Repeller Stakes and how do they work? Read on to learn more.

They have a super long charge time

The solar-powered PestAway Mole and Snake Repeller Stakes are some of the best on the market. They’re designed to chase away all of the animals mentioned above. And, because they’re solar-powered they’re incredibly eco-friendly. The stakes charge automatically and each pack comes with rechargeable batteries. Even better? Once your PestAway stakes are charged, they remain active for up to 25 days, even in minimal sunlight.

They offer varied frequencies with smart chip technology

Traditional mole repellers emit sonic pulses at regular intervals (Ie: every 25 or 30 seconds.) But under these conditions, pests can adapt or get used to the sonic pulses. PestAway repeller stakes have an IC chip that offers four different strengths of pulse that are emitted at different times. That makes it difficult for bothersome animals to adjust, providing a better pest control solution.

They’re safe and humane

PestAway repeller stakes are a safe and humane option for dealing with underground pests. Because it’s poison-free it can be used around children and pets. After installing the repeller stakes, you can kick back, enjoy some peace of mind, and a beautiful yard.

They feature a waterproof design

PestAway repellent stakes have a waterproof rating of IP67. That’s the highest waterproof certification for any solar-powered mole repellent on the market. You can use it outside on rainy days and even in water, so you don’t need to worry even if it floods.
We know how destructive moles and other burrowing pests can be. But just because you want pests out of your yard, doesn’t mean you necessarily want to kill them or put poison out. Thankfully, PestAway Mole and Snake Repeller Stakes provide a safe and humane solution.
Just a reminder, our special promotion runs from April 1 to April 25, 2021, we hope you take advantage of this deal while it’s available.