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Best Raccoon Bait for Traps: What to Use to Trap Raccoons

Best Raccoon Bait for Traps: What to Use to Trap Raccoons
Learn the best baits to use for trapping raccoons, and how to set up your trap.
Best Raccoon Bait for Traps_ What to Use to Trap Raccoons

Raccoons are one of the most common pest animals around. Whether you live in the middle of a bustling city, or deep in the country, raccoons can and will get into your trash, garden, and even in or under your house if they're hungry enough.

Raccoons are actually one of the most common animals that carry rabies, and they've been known to attack humans and pets. 

Perhaps you have a raccoon (or worse, a family of raccoons) who have taken up residence on your property. This puts you in a tough spot. You don't want to harm the animal, but they're not welcome to dig up your yard and chew your wiring. What do you do?

No matter the reason, we recommend you go through the steps outlined in this article about getting raccoons off of your property

For most pest and predator animals plaguing your property, the first step is usually to make your home less inviting and attractive. Trapping and relocating is usually the last step you take after trying other things first.


So, you've tried everything you can to rid your home or yard of raccoons, and nothing is working? Time to trap and relocate! Be sure to look into your local laws regarding the relocation of animals. In some instances, it's illegal to drop off animals at certain spots.

It's also recommended that you relocate the animal to a new spot that is not too far away from your home, since it can take them out of their natural habitat. You might mean well, but relocating to a spot that leaves the animal confused can lead to their death, so it's important not to drop them somewhere far away from natural resources and the area they know.

1. Marshmallows

Marshmallows make a great bait for raccoons. It's sweet, chewy, and is sure to attract the raccoons on your property! These are commonly recommended.

2. Wet Cat Food

The stinkier, the better. Raccoons love smelly, oily meats, including a nice can of wet cat food.

3. Bacon

Speaking of oily meats, bacon attracts raccoons really well.

4. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is a great choice for trapping raccoons, as it has a sweet aroma that they can't resist! 

5. Canned Tuna or Salmon

Just like the wet cat food, canned tuna or salmon has a strong scent that draws raccoons in.

6. A Whole Egg

Yes, you read that right. A whole, uncooked egg! Those who own chickens know this to be true. Raccoons have been known to slaugher chickens in order to get to the eggs in the coop!

7. Sweet Corn on the Cob

Sweet and fresh, corn on the cob is a great choice for baiting raccoons.

8. Sugar or Honey-Coated Veggies

Are you seeing a pattern? Raccoons have a big sweet tooth. They just can't resist a plate of sugar or honey-coated veggies. 

9. Tin Foil

Raccoons are curious creatures, and a wad of tin foil can sometimes be enough to draw them in to a trap. Their curiosity will get the best of them, and they'll move in to investigate.

10. Fatty Meat

Virtually any fatty meat you can find will usually be good enough to use as bait for raccoons.
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