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A Closer Look at Goat Yoga

Predator Guard two small goats in grass area
You’ve undoubtedly heard about goat yoga. If you haven’t tried goat yoga, but love animals, yoga, or both, you may be curious about it. You can, of course, do some Googling and quickly find several articles (and cute videos) about goat yoga. It’s become a sensation with lots of people wanting to give it a try. Out of curiosity, we did a little research ourselves to see what people who’ve done it had to say. In this blog, we’ll share with you some things we found.
Going into goat yoga your focus should be more on the animals and the novelty of the event. Don’t expect to get deep into yoga or have a heavy workout. Instead, expect the session to be targeted at beginners.
In the stories we read, the participants did basic yoga poses. After all, it would be kind of difficult to do complex poses with barnyard animals roaming around. If you’re looking for a more advanced workout, goat yoga might not be the right choice for you. But, if you love animals, then it’s something you might want to try out. From what we read, goat yoga is about being able to hang out with these cute animals while doing a few yoga poses. Who doesn’t want to get snuggly with adorable goat kids?
One of the things these stories shared was the fact that you need to remember you’ll be doing yoga with animals. This means you may not want to wear your high-end yoga clothes or bring your favorite yoga mat with you. It’s probably no surprise that the goats poop wherever they feel like. Thankfully, those poops are easy to clean up, since they are hard and small. But, it’s something to keep in mind. The goats may also chew on things. One story mentioned how they might chew on your hair, but they could also chew on your clothing or yoga mat as we know how curious goats are.
It seems goat yoga is a great fit for anyone who wants to hang out with baby goats and enjoy their company. That alone is a great excuse to try yoga. It’s more about having fun with animals than it is about getting an intense workout. But, you’ll still get into some positions and practice the art of yoga.
It may even provide some stress-relieving benefits. There are many articles that mention how petting animals can help you feel more relaxed. According to NIH News in Health, “Interacting with animals has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure.” Have you tried goat yoga out? If you had the chance, would you?