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14 Interesting Facts About Goats

Predator Guard white goat with its tongue out
14 Interesting Facts About Goats

Are you raising goats or considering it? Goats can be very entertaining as we're sure you're aware. They love to nibble, climb and jump around. But there are a few things you may not have known about these animals. Keep reading to learn some fun facts:

1. Did you know that goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated?

2. Goat babies were considered kids before anyone used the verbiage to describe human children.

3. Every goat kid has its own specific call (referred to as a bleat) and a unique aroma. This is what mother goats rely on to identify their children.

4. Goats are not meant to be kept alone. They can become depressed when not kept with other goats.

5. Like many animals, goats learn to stand pretty quickly after being born. In fact, it happens minutes after birth.

6. Goats came to America early. They were one of the initial animals to be shipped over from Europe.

7. Goats can typically live about the same length of time as dogs.

8. Goats love to climb. In fact, kids start climbing early, as young as a week old!

9. This is no laughing matter, or maybe it is, when a goat gives birth the term for it is 'kidding.'

10. Unlike humans, goats have four stomachs to break down their food.

11. There's a legend that says goats had a big role to play when it came to finding coffee.

12. Goat kids like to nibble on things to learn about the world around them.

13. The reason a goat's pupils are rectangular is to give them a different view. This allows them to see 320-340 degrees.

14. Goats make different sounds depending on the region they're from, much like humans have accents.

These are just a few fun facts about goats. We hope you learned something new today.