How It Works

How To Install Your Predator Guard Deterrent Lights

To ensure effective operation of your Predator Guard deterrent light, simply install it where it will receive sunlight or bright daylight on the solar panel for at least 4 to 5 hours a day. When positioned correctly, your Predator Guard will operate maintenance-free and automatically, switching itself on at night and off in daylight.

No More Problems With Predators I bought these for my hen house after having some chickens killed. I've been using them for about 3 months and have had no more problems with night predators. When I go out in the early morning, the lights are still flashing brightly, so the solar charge has plenty of power to cover the whole night!
Amy Clagett, New Mexico

Which Predator Do You Want to Deter?
By mounting your Predator Guard light unit at the eye-level of predators you are trying to deter, you will have most success. For maximum protection we recommend that 4 or more units are deployed to offer 360 Degree coverage. This will keep approaching predators at bay from all directions.

Predator Guard™ is an effective deer repellent device. Deer are intelligent animals and have a keen sense of their surroundings. Like all wild animals, deer are neophobic (afraid of anything new). For optimum effect, we recommend you reposition your Predator Guard™ lights by a few feet every week, as deer may sense a reduced risk, get bolder and approach the lights to inspect. By moving the units on a frequent basis you are ensuring a new pattern for the deer to observe and to keep them at a distance. Eventually they will seek a new area to feed.

Gang Mount or Perimeter Mount?
There are two mounting options to protect your property with Predator Guard™. A Gang mount is where four lights are secured to a single post, each light pointing in a different direction. A Perimeter mount is where the lights are placed around all sides of an enclosure, garden, coop or pen. Both methods will effectively deter night predators.


The Predator Guard's high-capacity LED lights can be seen up to a ½ mile away on open, flat ground. If the area to be protected is located on a hill, adjust the angle of the lights lower to follow the contour of the slope. If the area is located on lower ground, adjust the angle of the light to be higher. If your area is flat and open, the lights will be seen from a greater distance and can be placed further apart.


Maintenance Free
The Predator Guard Solar Light is completely weatherproof and will continue to function under all weather conditions, year in, year out. Below zero temperatures, rain, ice, snow, high-heat and humidity will not compromise the dependable nightly operation of this product.

Longer Battery Life
After 12 months, the capacity of the battery in your Predator Guard™ light may begin to decrease and you will need to change it. Unlike other lights on the market which need to be discarded, Predator Guard deterrent lights can be used endlessly by simply swapping out the rechargeable battery.

3 Year Warranty We stand behind our product. All units come with a 3 Year Warranty against all defects. In the unlikely event that your Predator Guard unit stops functioning, simply return it to us and we will rush an immediate replacement unit to you.    

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This Device Has Saved Me Thousands of Dollars! We run a small family farm and sell our produce at local farmer's markets. We have a huge problem with deer and have tried everything to get rid of them - I was about to drop $25,000 on constructing a deer fence when I learned about Predator Guard. I purchased 12 of these devices and they have worked consistently to keep deer away from my gardens. Peter Stokert, Maine