Q: How does the Predator Guard control light work?
A: Wild animals that hunt or feed at night are acutely aware of their surroundings. They will only feed in a safe area where they won’t be noticed. The Predator Guard provides a powerful flash of twin red lights that animals think are the eyes of another, larger predator. This triggers the flight response in wild animals and makes them flee the area. It may seem like a simple concept - but it works! Each Predator Guard unit is manufactured using the highest-quality industrial components and will function dependably in all extreme weather conditions.

Q: How are the units powered?
A: Predator Guard is solar powered and contains a rechargeable battery. No external wires or power supply is required. Each unit is light sensitive – it automatically turns itself 'on' at dusk and 'off' in full daylight. A solar panel on the top of the unit charges the internal battery using daylight or sunlight. Upon receipt of your Predator Guard units place them in an area that receives sunlight for 5 to 6 hours.

Q: How to Turn On Predator Guard Units?
A: When fully charged, a single push-button switch on the rear of the unit puts it into AUTO mode or OFF mode. In AUTO mode, the unit will begin flashing at dusk and stop flashing at dawn. In OFF mode, the unit will be inactive. To test if the unit is operating, cover the solar panel to imitate darkness – the unit will start flashing when in AUTO mode. This product is designed for outdoor use. The light sensor will recognize darkness and turn unit on as dusk and off at dawn. Predator Guard provides protection all night long, including dusk and dawn.

Q: Are the units weather-proof?
Yes. All units are completely sealed to protect against moisture. Your Predator Guard will continue to operate in the most extreme conditions, including severe heat and below zero temperatures.

Q: What is the life expectancy? Can batteries be changed?
Unlike other units on the market, which must be discarded after the end of battery life (2 to 3 years), the Predator Guard battery can be swapped out, which extends the life of your device indefinitely. A single AAA rechargeable battery can be purchased and easily installed. This will give you another 2 to 3 years of nightly operation. We recommend purchasing AAA 1000mah Nimh Rechargeable batteries, available at any hardware or electronics store.

Q: What is the range of Predator Guard?
In a flat, open, unobstructed area the Predator Guard device has a range of 1/2 mile. A predator will stop and move away the instant they see the flash. Please refer to the specific mounting instructions to find more detailed placement information on each type of predator.

Q: How do I place the Predator  Guard lights to deter deer?
Deer are intelligent animals and have a keen sense of their surroundings. It is recommended that your Predator Guard lights be repositioned by a few feet every week, as deer may sense a reduced risk, get bolder and approach the lights to inspect. By moving the units on a frequent basis you are ensuring a new pattern for the deer to observe and will keep them at a distance. Eventually they will seek a new area to feed. For the most effective results use 4 units mounted on a post or around the perimeter of the area you want to protect..
Please Note: Urban deer tend to be very tame and are extremely difficult to repel. We recommend using the Predator Guard device in conjunction with other popular deer repellents like scented sprays. This twin operation will be a more effective deterrent for deer that seem impossible to repel.

Q: Will the Predator Guard control lights scare my own domestic animals?
A: Predator Guard deterrent units have no adverse effect on domestic animals. Your own animals or pets feel secure around your home and property, whereas wild animals are entering unknown territory and are spooked by what they perceive as a threat. This makes them keep moving and looking for other areas to hunt and feed.

Q: What if my Predator Guard devices get lost during delivery?
A: We have successfully delivered thousands of Predator Guard control lights to customers all over the world. In all this time only a couple of orders have gone missing. In these cases we have priority shipped replacement units to these customers. We will look after you in the same way.

Q: What if one of my Predator Guard units stops working?
A: All Predator Guard units are protected by a 3 year warranty. If your unit is under warranty, we will repair or replace defective components at no charge provided the product has not been subject to misuse, abuse, or any unauthorized alteration, modification or repair. 
Warranted products requiring service must have an original purchase receipt and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) from our customer service representatives before replacement can proceed. For more warranty information see our Support page here: Support

Q: How do I turn my Predator Guard unit on or off?
A: On the rear of each Predator Guard unit is a rubber (waterproof) push-button switch to turn your unit on or off. Predator Guard units can be switched off for storage when not in use. To turn unit on or off, push the switch into the unit until you feel a small click.

Q: How do I know if my unit is switched on or off when it is not night time?
A: Hold your hand over the solar panel to block all light (this will imitate darkness) and see if lights start flashing. If lights do not come on, push the rear switch in once till you feel it click. Hold your hand over the solar panel again to block all light and lights will start flashing. Your Predator Guard unit is now in 'auto on' mode. It will now charge itself and turn itself 'on' automatically at night and 'off' at dawn.

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Disclaimer: Predator Guard LLC cannot be held responsible for injuries or damages that may occur as a result of the improper use of the Predator Guard™ device or the unpredictable activity of wild animals.