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Squirrel Guard Baffle for Bird Feeders

$ 36.99
$ 59.99
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Secures hanging bird feeders and bird houses from raiding squirrels and raccoons.

The Squirrel Guard wrap-around squirrel baffle protects both poles mounted and hanging bird feeders (all mounting hardware is included with your purchase)

Effectively Protects   Effectively Repels
  • Bird Houses
  • Raccoons

This squirrel baffle is made with the toughest galvanized steel and will not rust - other baffles on the market go rusty after a couple of months and look terrible in your garden

Black powder-coated steel with a slippery no-grip surface defeats the most persistent squirrel and raccoon trying to get to your bird feeders

Wrap-around squirrel baffle quickly attaches to existing bird feeder poles or shepherd hooks (1/2 to 1-inch diameter). It also protects hanging bird feeders - all accessories and easy-to-follow instructions included.

You can return it to us within the first 30 days and receive a full refund or a replacement unit for the remaining warranty period.

Dimensions (in) : 17.5 x 17.5 x 6.5

Weight (lb): 2.85

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  1. Select a location for your bird feeder that's at least 8 to 10 feet away from any structure that a squirrel could climb up and jump from - garden walls, sheds, stumps, deck railings, etc. The best baffle in the world will not work if your squirrels have a "plan B"!
  2. Make sure you place the squirrel baffle on the pole so its top is at least 4 to 5 feet off the ground, preferably right under the feeder itself.
  3. If you have a hanging feeder on a shepherd's crook pole, place the baffle so that it is 4 to 5 feet up from the ground but not so high that the squirrels can jump from the pole beneath the baffle to the feeder.
  1. Select a branch that is high enough so that the bottom of the feeder is at least 6 feet from the ground, and long enough to place the feeder 8 to 10 feet from the trunk of the tree.
  2. Suspend the baffle from a branch hook or chain that is at least 18" - 24" long and hang the feeder underneath the baffle.

Frequently Asked Questions

A squirrel guard secures bird houses and bird feeders from raiding raccoons and squirrels. Works well with both hanging and pole-mounted feeders.

Yes, the Squirrel Guard baffle can be used with a dual shepherd's hook. Make sure that the baffle is installed at least 4 to 5 feet off the ground and that the bottom of your bird feeders are hanging at least 12 inches above the baffle.